How to Deal with Insurance Companies after a Car Accident in the United States, Lawyers Give 7 Recommendations?

Before you call the insurance company to explain the accident, be prepared to know what you are going to say. Be careful when working with a car insurance assessor! When you talk to your insurance company, keep in mind the following important tips:




First, report the injury: If you want to report the damage in the car accident claim, you must avoid self-diagnosis and a clear statement about the extent of the injury. Tell the truth about the fact that there is harm, but don't give anyone any details before you go to the doctor. If the diagnosis you provide reduces the extent of your injury, your claim will also depreciate. Inform the insurance company of the damage that has occurred and at the same time indicate to the evaluator that you will get more information after the doctor has checked.


Second, stick to the facts of the accident. Resist the desire to gossip. A simple statement, such as "This is a sunny day, I called my sister and didn't see him coming out of that wide crossroads." It is likely that the reason for the accident was that you didn't pay attention. force. Even acknowledging "the moment I turn back" may feel that you have a certain degree of fault in the accident.


Third, just answer the questions asked! Don't provide those without asking for information! If you don't know the answer to the question, tell the insurance assessor or inform the person that you don't know the information at this time.


Fourth, if you need a recording confession, then the rumor refuses. The recording port can later be used as a verbatim report of the accident. You are not obligated to provide any recording confessions for your incident report.


Fifth, refuse to resolve immediately, and do not sign documents. Relevant data shows that insurers can save millions of claims by solving problems within 1-3 days of an accident. Each car accident handling notice requires you to sign a future obligation insurance company disclaimer. Some insurance companies will dispatch mediators to the scene of the accident. The sole purpose of the vehicle on the company's SUV with a large company logo is to achieve your on-the-spot loss assessment.


Sixth, don't sign anything or check any damage or future medical bills at the scene of the accident. When reporting a car accident, always tell the assessor you to make sure it's okay, and later contact them to discuss your injury.


Seventh, stay calm and professional. Insurance companies may try to solve things with a low amount of insurance, but you don't need to be emotional. Your relationship with the insurance company is a strict business relationship, so keep this way. Be polite, but with a firm attitude, the claim process will be smoother.