How to Calculate the Car Insurance Rate is Reasonable?

When buying a car, in addition to paying attention to everything related to the car, you must also buy insurance for your car, but different identities and experiences often affect the level of premiums, such as women will be lower than men; anecdotal records More will increase the premium; the first time for their car insurance will also increase the premium, while the United States proposes a more accurate calculation.

Since most people don't like to define auto insurance expenses because of age, gender, etc., American insurance companies are thinking of more accurate calculations. According to foreign media "ChicagoTribune", because most people do not like to be defined because of age, gender and other factors, especially for consumers who are quite confident in their driving skills, so the startup "Root Insurance" With the "Monitoring and Tracking System", it is more user-friendly to use the actual vehicle situation of 2 to 6 weeks to evaluate the policy rate of the driving.


The American auto insurance company has launched a service that collects the driving conditions of the car as long as it is equipped with special equipment.

In addition, the American auto insurance company Progressive has also launched a service "Snapshot". As long as the OBD2 slot is installed, the insurance company can collect the car, including the usual speed, daily driving time, mileage, throttle and brake. Use, etc., to determine whether the car owner is safe to drive, and then adjust the level of premiums. In fact, the introduction of these insurances is to let the owners develop good safe driving habits.


In fact, the introduction of these insurances is to let the owners develop good safe driving habits. In addition, due to the popularity of mobile phones, many drivers often play mobile phones while driving, which leads to dangers of distraction. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of accidents, insurance companies have also launched an APP to monitor the use of mobile phones to reduce accidents. possibility.